Best Ways To Improve Golf Game – 2 Drills To Lower Your Scores

There are several ways to lower your scores, and improve your game. However, you’re not looking these. You’re looking for the best and I am going to give you the best ways to improve golf game. The best ways to improve golf game is not how to hit the ball straighter. It is not how to hit better iron shot. What it is, is the short game.

I know you have probably heard it over and over that we need to practice our short game to get better. Although we never do it, we know in the back of our minds that this is what we need. How do we know this? Think back to the last round. Think about how many full swing shots you took. How many drivers did you hit? How many 3 irons? 7 irons? 9 irons? Now think about how many bunkers you were in. How many chip shots did you take? Pitch shots? Putts? How close were your chips and pitches?

So the best ways to improve golf game are to work on these two things: Putting and Pitching. I am going to give you two drills to help you lower your scores.

The first drill is a putting drill. It’s a really simple drill that will allow you to make contact with the ball with a square face each and every time. To be honest, it is not the stroke that makes a good putter, it is the contact. You can not have good contact without a square face. A good stroke makes it easier but is not necessary. Just look at Billy Mayfair.

Alright the first drill out of the three best ways to improve golf game will require three things.
1. Putter
2. Two Tees
3. Balls

What you do is lay your putter head flat on the green with the face pointing towards a target. Take  สูตรบาคาร่า  the two tees and put them on opposite sides of the putter head. There should barely be enough room for the head to fit through the tees. Now place the balls between the two tees and putt. The only way you can make a good contact is to go through the keys, and the only way you can do that is to have a square face. See how easy this is.

Alright, so the second of the best ways to improve golf game is a chipping drill.

It’s really simple and only involves you acting like a flamingo. That’s right, you’re going to be chipping on one foot. Don’t worry its easier and a lot more helpful than it sounds, but believe me; it is one of the best ways to improve golf game.

Alright what you do is set up normally like you’re getting ready to hit a chip shot. Alright, now move your back foot back and put it on its tippy toes. (Back foot will be the right foot for right handed golfers and vice versa)

Alright, so 80% of the weight should be on the front foot, and 20% on the back foot. This will force you to hit down on the ball making solid contact and increasing the consistency of your shots.

Just remember I’ve been where you are. Hitting line drives over the green, breaking my wrists against the ground and seeing the ball trickle a couple of feet. Watching as my scores get higher and higher. Where a should of been par turns into a double or triple bogey.Its disheartening and you start to get frustrated and angry and lose hope. I’m here to offer hope though. If I can lower my handicap to single digits just by focusing on the short game, then so can you.

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