Internet For Business – What Is The Right Online Tutor Business For Me?

If you are considering the internet for business as an online tutor, you may be wondering the best way to get started. Should you join an established centre, or should you go it alone? One way to make a decision is to find out all you can about how different centres operate and make a comparison. In this article I would like to show how to find out ‘what is the right online tutor business for me’?

Even if you are an established tutor, setting up a business on the internet requires a lot of work and patience. You need the skills to know how to research a name, build a website, upload and send lesson materials online, conduct webinars or Skype lessons for more than one pupil, record the lesson for playback, sort out payment processors for your website, marketing your service………. the list is endless.

One way to avoid that learning curve is to join an established agency. The internet business has already been set-up and you simply piggy-back the agency to get paid as a freelance tutor. So, what is the right online tutor business for me? Here is my review on 3 of the popular agencies:

1) Tutor Vista. Tutor Vista’s preferred internet business compare business internet providers   method is the use of an interactive whiteboard. Using the whiteboard together with the pupil creates an impression of face to face teaching. Drawing and writing is used to accomplish tasks, solve problems, play games and give explanations online. Instant messaging for questions and answers also enables full participation in the lesson.

2) Sylvan Online. Sylvan Online’s preferred internet business method is writing tablet and headset for live tutoring with students. Each lesson is conducted in real time, which allows the pupil and tutor to work, speak and interact throughout the lesson. This gives the student the chance to ask questions and receive immediate feedback and encouragement.

3) Tutor.Com.’s preferred internet business method is the two-way interactive whiteboard and chat room messaging to conduct their lessons. Resources are shared between tutor and pupil and they strongly believe in allowing the student to explore answers for themselves. Charts, graphs and equations are drawn using the whiteboard as well as complicated diagrams, and shared files are used for essays, maps and worksheets.

As you can see, each of these agencies has perfected their own way of using the internet for business. One advantage for starting your own online tutor business is that you get to choose exactly what method to use and how and when to conduct your lessons.

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