Picture Perfect: Essential Skills For Graphic Designers

What does it really mean to be a graphic designer? In fact, the answer to that question is quite complicated. To make a career out of graphic design in today’s competitive job market, one must equip themselves with a variety of skills in order to stay on top of their game as a successful designer. Whether you’ve attended an art college, or you are self-taught, you will find that you need a certain skill set in order to advance your professional life to new heights. A competence in all of these skills will set you apart from lesser graphic designers, and really give you that extra edge to wow your clients and employers. Below are listed just a few examples of those well-rounded skills we’re talking about.

1. Find your own unique style. As a designer it is important to develop your own artistic style. Very often, it is a repetition of style that brings structure to a design. If you develop a strong, artistic voice, clients will begin to feel comfortable with the recognizable elements of your design style. That being said, you must also be able to give every new project its own special flair.

2. Master typography. Many people fail to recognize typography as a design skill. Though it is subtle  Basic graphic design course Edinburgh and often goes unnoticed, a knowledge of typography makes a huge difference in advertising and graphic work, and in a design portfolio. Since letters come in all different shapes, forms and colors, it is up to you to recognize which typefaces will effectively communicate a given message, and the different options you have in terms of font families. Many consider typography the official language of graphic design, so it is up to you to become fluent in that language.

3. Understand web design. Today’s age is all about the internet. Any advertising campaign you work on as a graphic designer is sure to have a fully-integrated web component. In fact, companies and potential clients probably advertise online more than anywhere else! If you can manage to become well-versed in multiple web coding languages, you can do anything from designing websites, user interfaces or blogs.

4. Learn about photography. As you travel down your design career path, sooner or later you will need to learn about photography. Understanding how a camera works, and how to illuminate and frame your subject will become a valuable skill that will enhance your design work. Attending an art college is a great way to gain exposure to the art of photography and all of its involved technology.

Amidst all of the skills you must know, it is also important to remember that no graphic design degree program can teach yo

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